Basic nail art techniques

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Nov 6, 2014
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Basic nail art techniques



Basic nail art techniques

There are simple nail art techniques which can be followed very easily. The position of brush, movement and pressure will let you create different kinds of designs. Various colors can be used in this process. The base color should be selected as per the design colors that you are going to apply. In order to produce curled strokes, you can apply ā€˜cā€™ strokes. You should apply pressure as you reach the left point. The direction should be changed and pressure should be released as you go towards the right hand side.

Elegant ā€˜sā€™ strokes can be produced by applying pressure at required spots. More pressure should be applied while moving towards the right hand side and pressure should be released while moving to the left hand side. You can use pen or brush to create swirls. In this process, light pressure should be applied. If you apply too much pressure, the swirl might be filled-in. Thus, you can create reversed image by moving the pen or brush in opposite direction.

Application of glitter

When the polish is in the wet condition, glitter can be applied. The glitter can be applied on the entire nail or on some part as per your needs. The background for the glitter can be the same base color. The area should be painted before covering it with glitter. The glitter should be sprinkled when the polish is still wet. If there is any excess glitter, it should be collected by using a piece of paper. In order to protect the glitter, you can apply a coat of clear varnish.

Rhinestone jewels

You can use a pen to dab paint on the nail. The jewel should be applied with gentle pressure. The cotton bud can be dampened so that it can be used to adjust the jewel in proper position. The paint should be dried before continuing the procedure. You can apply a coat of clear varnish on top of the jewel so that there will be additional protection.


In order to produce lasting designs, you should ensure that the design should be completely dry. By applying a top coat of varnish, the life can be very much enhanced. If large brush is used to apply base color, it can be cleaned very easily by using ordinary nail polish remover. The tops should be put on all pens so that the color will not dry out. Bottles should be preserved in cool and dry place. They should be kept away from source of ignition.

To remove nail design, nail polish remover can be used. If you are wearing nail extensions, you should not use nail polish remover as it might damage extensions which are made with acetone. The product will be affected by ultraviolet light. Hence, it should be stored away from sun light. If you have any questions, you can contact the product manufacturer so that more information can be obtained about the product. The tips offered by experts should be followed so that excellent nail art designs can be accomplished without any complications.

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