Melody Susie Led Nail Lamp Review

LED Nail Lamp Reviews Under $80
LED Nail Lamp Reviews Under $80
Sep 13, 2016
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OPI LED Lamp Review
Sep 13, 2016
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Melody Susie Led Nail Lamp Review

Melody Susie Led Nail Lamp

Be Your Own Manicurist With The Melody Susie LED Nail Lamp – A Review

Melody Susie Led Nail Lamp

The Melody Susie LED Nail Lamp is any manicurist’s or pedicurist’s dream accessory. Useful for making LED gel polish manicures fast and professional, it helps nails dry quickly with its LED light action. If you are a DIY nail enthusiast, this is a professional addition to your manicure kit. With multiple timer settings set at five, 20 and 30 seconds that can be interrupted if need be in the middle (the timer just continues once your hands are back); your nails end up looking dry and neat with a professional finish.


  • Dries most kinds of LED gel nail polishes
  • Lightweight and portable enough to be carried around in your bag
  • Space saving design holds enough space for both manicures and pedicures
  • Comes with a wide opening that fits all five fingers of the hand and feet as well
  • You can choose the proper time according to your needs among 3 preset time controls (5s, 20s, 30s). The glowing blue LCD timer display shows the countdown of the remaining time left for curing nails.
  • There is an automatic sensor that senses whether fingers or feet are drying inside the lamp
  • The removable magnetic bottom panel design makes it easier to dry feet by setting the lamp on the floor
  • The inside is a sleek mirror finish with a cooling fan for cooling while drying



  • LED lights being efficient and long-lasting, you will need to replace the lamps rarely. LED lights can go as long as 5000 hours.
  • This LED nail dryer lamp can cure LED Gel polish of the following brands: Gelish System, Harmony Gelish Series, OPI Gelcolor, Red Carpet LED Gel, Orly Gel FX, Any LED GEL Polish, Gelicious GEL Polish, etc
  • It takes only one minute to apply two coats of gel polish and one layer of gel top coat
  • Manicure lasts up to three weeks


  • Compatibility Warning – If you try to dry a kind of polish different from gel based ones or not supported by this lamp, you manicure will not dry and lead to peeling and cracking.
  • Gel polish will remain sticky till you wipe off its residue with a cleaner. After curing each coat, you need to use the cleanser / alcohol to get a smooth surface.


For a price range of around $120, the Melody Susie Nail LED Lamp is a great asset for your manicure kit. For a busy professional on the go, it’s a matter of just one minute using this lamp to dry your nails. With a professional looking manicure lasting three weeks without paying the expensive rates of a salon, this nail dryer offers value for money. If you are crazy about your nails looking polished all the time, invest in this nail lamp and see the results for yourself!

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