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OPI LED Lamp Review

OPI LED Lamp Review

OPI LED Lamp Review – A Review That Helps You Choose The Best Product For Your Requirements


Gel nail polishes are definitely the best thing to happen in nail manicure. They give the nails a perfectly smooth, long lasting fabulous look. But if you wanted gel polish, it was always a salon deal. But nowadays, you have the option of home DIY manicures, complete with gel polish.

Gel nails, we all know, are more vibrant, smooth and most importantly long lasting. Acrylics are easier to apply and remove, but there is the constant worry of chipping. Gel nail polishes can last up to 10 days without chipping, but they do take time and effort when it comes to applying and removing. Most salons used to go for UV Lamps to speed up the drying process; however, exposing skin to radiation is not a fond option for most people, which is why LED nail lamps have gained popularity. They provide the same drying effect as UVs without the worry of radiation.

Opi offers two products that can help you apply gel polish and manicure from the comforts of your home. The first one is Opi’s studio LED Light, which is an LED nail lamp that allows you to dry your gel polish within 30 seconds. The second product is a gel polish manicure kit, complete with an LED lamp to make the entire process of gel manicure a breeze.

Technical Specifications

  OPI Studio LED Light
OPI LED Professional Salon Nail Lamp Manicure Gel Polish The Icon Intro Kit UV
Product description LED nail lamp for curing Manicure set with nail lamp, gel base, top and colours as well bond aid and cuticle stick
Time settings 4 settings – 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds 4 settings – 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds
Application Nail lamp can be used for curing gel polish on feet as well Complete gel polish manicure kit along with Nail lamp to dry the gel

Product 1 – OPI Studio LED Light

OPI Studio LED Lights is a compact, portable box that allows you to place all 5 fingers for curing at one go. Why do you need it? Well, if you love getting manicures and absolutely adore the look of gel nail polish on your nails, then this lamp is a good investment.

OPI’s Studio LED Light is the newer and smaller version of its previous LED nail lamp. This lamp has 32 LED lights to provide an even cure for all the fingers. There are finger grooves so you can avoid smudges. This lamp can also be used for feet, you just need to take out the hand rest and then place the light over your feet.

Product Features:

  • 32 LED lights for all 5 fingers
  • Curing in 30 seconds
  • Offers adjustable settings for 15, 30, 45 and 1 minute (60 seconds).
  • Activated Hand-sensor
  • Can be used for feet as well
  • 67,000 hours



Portable and lightweight – It’s very light and very easy to carry around. Might not fit in a clutch, but if you have a medium sized purse, you just might be able to cart this around

Silent – This could work as an advantage and a disadvantage. As a pro, the silence means that you don’t have to deal with beeping noises while your nail dries.

Motion sensor technology – there’s a motion sensor that will automatically switch on when the hand is placed and switch off once the hand is removed.

Affordable – At an approximate price of $125 online, this lamp is quite the bargain, especially when you consider its life of 67,000 hours. You can plug and play this one to dry your nails for years to come.


Small – While it is a plus, that this nail lamp is portable and compact, some might find it too small, particularly if they have used the previous OPI LED nail lamp.

Not as sensitive – While there is an adjustable timer with 4 settings, some people have found this less sensitive in comparison to its previous version.


If you are fond of gel polish and like the idea of DIY instead of going to a salon, then this product is a good investment.You can put gel polish on your nails (both hands and toes) and dry them up in a minute, all without worrying about exposure to UV. The price of this product is another brownie point in its favour.

Product 2 – OPI LED Professional Salon Nail Lamp Manicure Gel Polish The Icon Intro Kit UV

OPI’s LED professional nail lamp gel polish kit is the perfect starter kit for a home manicure. You can pamper your nails and get perfect smooth gel nails in vibrant shades. Moreover, this kit also provides you with material to remove the nail polish (a boon for anyone who has struggled with removing gel nail polish at home).

Along with the kit, there is an instruction manual that provides a step by step on how to go about preparing, applying and removing gel polish from your nails.

Product Features:

  • A Gelcolor starter kit by OPI
  • 6 Gel colors – Purple, Orange, candy pink, nude pink, red and Cinnamon coffee
  • A gel base
  • A gel top
  • Bond Aid
  • Cuticle stick
  • Expert Touch NAS99
  • An LED Light (for drying nails)
  • Comes with assorted accessories like cotton balls and foil to aid gel polish removal.
  • Product dimension is 20 x 20 inches and the box weighs approximately 8 pounds.


All inclusive – This kit from OPI is very comprehensive, and provides everything you’ll need for evenly coated gel polished nails. The included LED nail lamp ensures the polish dries off quickly.

Vibrant colours – the colours included in the kit are all vibrant and bold and suit all occasions.
Long-lasting –Gel polish applied using this kit lasts a minimum of 10 days, maximum of 2 weeks; although the actual length may vary from person to person.


Expensive – This product is available for anywhere between $600 and $650. At over $500, it can be a big investment, particularly for those who only choose to wear gel polishes for special and rare occasions. It’s only useful if youapply gel nail polishes regularly.

Cleanser not included – the kit provides everything, including the cotton balls and foil to help remove the gel polish, but the cleanser needs to be bought separately. Also, a few people have found it not as quick or easy to remove the gel polish as is advertised. It’s not as quick to remove it as it is to apply and it.


Opi’s LED Professional Salon Nail Lamp Manicure Gel Polish The Icon Intro Kit provides everything that one can need as far as gel polish manicure is concerned. At over $500, it is priced a tad high, but if you regularly use gel polish then in the long run this one pays for itself. The LED nail lamp in the kit is efficient, quick and definitely a positive.If you like a good gel polish manicure, then this kit will be good value for money for you!


The first product is an LED lamp, whereas the second is a complete kit. So, put like that, the second one seems the obvious choice. That said the two are priced poles apart. At over $500, Opi’s gel manicure is definitely on the higher side, whereas the LED nail lamp is under $150. Both are equally good and both are useful products for anyone who regularly uses gel polish. This OPI LED lamp review is meant to help you make an informed choice regarding the two products.

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