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Pedinova III Electric Manicure Kit Review

Pedinova III Electric Manicure Kit Review

Pedinova III Electric Manicure Kit Review

Pedinova Electric Manicure Kit Review

All You Need To Know Before Buying

Have you ever wanted a mani/pedi at home without expensive salon appointments? Do you need to travel to a wedding destination, need perfectly manicured & pedicured hands/feet while on the go? Here’s a product that will finally help achieve your dreams of a portable DIY kit wherever you go. The Pedicure PediNova III  is a combination Pedicure and Manicure machine. It is a powerful, high-performance machine that will help you create beautifully attractive nails that will look professionally cured. The kit includes fourteen professional tools to help you achieve the perfect salon finish. It also includes an attractive travel case that keeps things in place while you pamper yourself on vacation. The large cone, small cone and the disc are made of long-lasting sapphire that enhances the durability of the kit.

This 20,000 RPM motor boasts of four speed settings for different purposes like trimming, shaping and filing both fingernails and toenails. This set also helps in treating and smoothing rough and ugly-looking skin calluses that can form over time and due to negligence. With this kit, you will not only exude confidence but also feel less conscious of cracked heels, thick toenails, and calluses that can ruin your appearance.

This kit is the perfect replacement for these more expensive professional nail drills.

Specifications for Pedinova Review:

Speed 20,000 RPM variable speed motor
Inclusions 14 professional tools, Attractive Travel Case
Material High-Quality, long-lasting sapphire
Place of manufacture Germany
Works On Fingernails and Toenails
Warranty 1 year



  • Easy to use home kit
  • Trims and shapes both fingernails and toenails
  • Smoothens rough skin and calluses
  • Shapes acrylic and gel nails
  • The two cones and disc are made from high-quality and long-lasting sapphire



  1. The combination of manicure and pedicure tools in the same kit makes it a highly popular product
  2. Being a home kit, it helps to avoid expensive and time-consuming salon appointments
  3. The instructions are crisp, clear and precise and very simple to follow
  4. The various conical attachments help in a stepwise reduction of excessively thickened toenails
  5. The kit provides an option of ordering additional attachments that you may require for specific nail problems
  6. The powerful motor works quickly and effectively over thickened calluses without the applicator being degraded in any way
  7. Comes with 10 different bits that can be used according to one’s own preference
  8. The varying degrees of abrasiveness provided by the kit take care of thick nails and delicate cuticles at the same time


The only complaint that comes with this kit is the fact that it tends to heat up quite fast. Given the speed and power at which it works, this is not unnatural. Short breaks in between sessions can help to avoid overheating. Otherwise you need to take care as it can burn!


A powerful pedicure and manicure combination machine that is designed to give you a salon-like finish in the comfort of your home is a must-have in your travel bag. You will no longer need to worry about unkempt and chipped nails. Invest in this kit today for smooth, beautiful hands and feet.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions about this Pedinova review leave a comment xx


Pedinova III Electric Manicure Kit Review on Dec 3, 2015 rated 4.3 of 5

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