Thermal Spa Professional Nail Dryer

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Thermal Spa Professional Nail Dryer


Looking For A Professional Treatment For Your Nails? Then Read This Thermal Spa Professional Nail Dryer Review

Thermal Spa Professional Nail Dryer

Are you a fan of nail polishes with salon finish but are looking for an affordable option? Look no further. The Thermal Spa Professional Nail Dryer is just the product which will fulfill your dream. You can have those drool worthy nails and yet not pay a bomb at your salon every time.

Whatever be the kind of polish that you are using or the color chosen, you would get the best look and sheen only when the curing is adequate and complete. A properly cured polish looks bright, is smudge free and lasts longer. Many do not have the patience to sit still until the polish dries and result wouldn’t be as good. A nail dryer dramatically speeds up the curing of the nail polish letting you get the completely dried, smudge free polish in just a few minutes.

The Professional Automatic Black Light Nail Dryer from Thermal spa is indeed a boon for all those serious home manicurists. The product is larger than many other dry-at-home products but with this, you can dry both your hands at the same time. This comes in especially useful for curing your toes. This would greatly reduce your drying time. They have also provided multiple height settings to be suitable for drying hands and toes. This feature is not available in most of the DIY home nail polish driers and with regular usage you would be sure to appreciate it.

The specifications include…

Model : 49170
Dimensions : 3 x 2 x 3 inches
Weight : 11 lbs
Color : Black
Power : 120V AC
Curing window height : Adjustable, 2.5” for Manicure and 5” for pedicure
Warranty : 1 year


The body of this drier is sleek, constructed out of steel and so is sturdy, known to last for years. The process of drying with this involves a 6 minute cycle, the first two of which are just fan only, the next three minutes is drying with both fan and the black light and the last minute again with just fan. The black light helps in the drying of non-acrylic polishes and would also help in preventing chipping.

The first and foremost positive feature that comes to mind about this product is its sturdy build. The machine is designed to last for years and it just fulfills that promise. This product has many other attractions such as

  • Adjustable height settings that would be very useful while doing the toes
  • Steel body, scratch resistant and durable.
  • The fans are designed to keep the dryer free of debris, extending the life of the product.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Not many negative points are observed with this machine, but still the following points are to be noted.

  • While it works wonder with regular/non-acrylic polishes, it is not suitable for gel nail polishes.
  • The size is bigger compared to other DIY dryers.

Unless you are a regular user of gel polishes, this machine is highly recommended, not just for the home user, but even for the professional salon.
Definitely worth the price! Definitely admirable results!


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