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Sep 13, 2016
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Vogue professional nail file



Beauty Professional In You Should Read This Vogue Professional Nail File Review To Zero In On The Perfect Nail File Drillers!

Vogue Professional presents two high end models of nail drilling equipments introduced especially for professionals.

Model Numbers 6000 Vogue Pro 6700 Vogue
Product parts Motor,foot pedal, hand piece, stand Motor,foot pedal, hand piece, stand, 3 diamond bits
Voltage 110-240V 110-240V
RPMs 30000 500-35000
Motor speed variability Not variable Variable
Foot pedal usage For on/off operations On/off and speed change
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Return policy None None
Price $169.99 $129.99

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6000 VOGUE Pro

6000 VOGUE Pro is a 4 in 1 Electric Nail file drill that does filing, buffering, charms drilling and shaping with a professional touch. Built with circuit boards designed in US and a voltage of 110-240V this model combines years of drill manufacturing technique and experience.

The benefits of the product are:

  • Quiet and very efficient high torque drill that does 30k RPMs in both forward and reverse directions.
  • Light weight and slim hand piece with least vibration that is specially made for precision jobs.
  • The finger grip gives better hand piece control for the novice and experts alike.
  • Standard chuck suits a variety of attachments like charm drill, mounted points, buffer, drill bits, sanding bands etc. This set includes a free foot pedal that facilitates on/off operations and leaves you hands free for a focussed job.
  • You can opt for the knob control in case foot pedal does not suit you.
  • Ideal instrument for nail artists, beauty parlour staff, dental lab technicians, veterinary professionals and other hobbyists.
  • Ease of use, technical precision, speed and efficiency sets apart Vogue Professional products.
  • Best tool for callus removal, manicure and pedicure services.
  • With compatibility for Medicool as well as Kupa Upower bits and a motor more powerful than Kupa, Vogue Professional speeds up even acrylic nail fills and lets you perfect every job with √©lan.

Some negative reviews have also been seen that need to be mentioned:

  • The foot pedal does not offer speed control during operations.
  • Though the chuck is most compatible the item itself does not come with drill bits and thats to be purchased separately based on your needs. But its a great backup for a Kupa and worth the price you pay for a motor, foot pedal, hand piece and its stand.

6700 VOGUE

Vogue Professional also offers drill models especially for Gels Acrylics. 6700 VOGUE, with a variable speed of 500-35000 RPMs is suitable especially for acrylic nail smoothing and drilling.

The benefits of using this product are:

  • Both forward and reverse speed operations are facilitated in this model for your shaping and prepping needs.
  • The standard chuck is compatible with most professional bits but nevertheless, Vogue has handpicked 3 stainless steel diamond bits especially suited for acrylic working.
  • Diamond bits are most suitable to make precision holes on acrylic. They avoid chipping, breaking and gumming of the material. Diamond dust is bonded on to the tip of the drill
  • Initial drilling requires slower RPMs to ensure safety of the material as well as the longevity of the bits. Also diamond bits will tend to heat up quite fast when used for a long time. So you need to vary the motor speed and give a cool off time as well to do a great job. So the variable speed control is best suited with these diamond bits. Acrylic could be a hard plastic but the trick to work best with the material is making sure heat does not damage it.
  • The slim design of the hand piece provides easy balance while the twist lock function is best suited for fixing and changing bits. You snap the drill bits on to the shanks and you are ready to use the machine.
  • Foot pedal provides variable speed operations but if you would prefer hand control better, then a sliding speed control box will do the job for you.

The product also seems to have some issues that are listed as follows:

  • Nail dust does settle in the bearings and this could wear out the hand piece much faster. Ideal to follow a regular maintenance routine to keep it going.
  • 1 year warranty is available for the product but does not cover nail dust accumulation issues. Cleaning instructions are as usual as the other drill machines.
  • Both the models come with a no return policy owing to FDA regulations on public hygiene. Any lose control that affects reverse operations may require some expert help. Because opening the drill box to fix the pin out connection without a manual could be risky. Not much after sales help is available in this regard.


Both the Vogue professional products are built for precision but if you are looking to work with Acrylic especially, then the latter model could be your choice and easy on your pocket too.

But if you need a drill for most other purposes, then opting for 6000 Vogue Pro could be the right choice.


Vogue professional nail file on Sep 14, 2016 rated 4.3 of 5

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